Monitoring and managing
your electricity has
never been easier!
Accurate water consumption
measurement means no more
unexpected bills to pay!
Minimize water
damage in your
home or business!

Protecting your assets and managing costs are an integral part of running a successful business. AlarmMaster’s range of security-enabled products and services helps you keep track of all essential business activity. So whether you want to monitor your water and electricity consumption efficiently or receive alerts and detailed reports on key security areas, we have a solution to meet your need.


AlarmMaster’s electricity meter monitors all your electrical devices, letting you know which appliances are using the most electricity whilst providing accurate information on your over-all usage.


WaterMaster guarantees the measurement of every single litre of water you use. It offers a cost-effective solution to manage your businesses’ water use.


GeyserMaster is a robust solution that provides 24/7 protection to dramatically reduce or eliminate the serious damage than can result when your geyser bursts. And it can save you money on your insurance premium as well.