GSM technology

AlarmMaster works wirelessly with always-on GSM technology to protect your home or business 24/7, even when the power goes out. Our security systems have all the features that you need for an affordable security system to protect your home or business.

Whenever there is an unexpected event, AlarmMaster’s 24/7 call centre is able to interact faster than traditional security systems to send out an immediate and appropriate alert or alarm response.

  • The signal from your security system travels wirelessly using a dedicated, encrypted and secure connection through a GSM cellular network.
  • Since AlarmMaster’s security does not rely on a phone lines or a broadband connection, your system cannot be defeated by a burglar snipping the wire—no wires, no hassles.
  • In the event of any attempt by an intruder to destroy the sensors or the control panel, our detection technology is still able to send a signal to the central station for help.
  • Monitoring services are always bundled with your AlarmMaster enabled security system purchased through one of our authorized security dealers—just one system to install, and one bill to pay.

Z-wave technology

Thanks to Z-wave technology, every AlarmMaster system is dynamic and scalable. You can start by simply monitoring your front door and then add on seamlessly to include any type of alarm device, from window sensors to CCTV cameras to programmable door locks and more.

Z-Wave Is affordable

Unlike costly whole-home control systems that need special wiring and professional installation, Z-Wave is accessible and easy for the "do-it-yourselfer".

Z-Wave Is powerful

Z-Wave's intelligent mesh networking “understands" the present status of any enabled device and gives you confirmation that your device has received the automatic or manual control commands you want.


Z-Wave Is versatile

Z-Wave can be added to almost anything in your home that uses electricity. It gives you the power to control or monitor every device from your home or away from home.

Z-Wave Is intelligent

Z-Wave enabled devices can work together as a team, allowing you to create your own intelligent control scenarios.

  • When you open your garage door, it can also turn on your house lights.
  • When your children unlock the front door when they get back from school, you receive a notification or even a short video clip of the event itself sent to your PC or phone.
  • When you switch off your bedside light, you can turn your downstairs lights off as well.

With Z-Wave technology, the “home of the future” is here today because hundreds of Z-Wave enabled products are already widely available from some of the best-known brands that you already know and trust.