About Us

AlarmMaster provides cost-effective, best-of-breed wireless solutions which use the cellular network infrastructure to protect, monitor and manage home and business security.

Our professional call centre ensures that all assets under our cover are monitored 24/7.

We invest significantly in research and development, identifying and applying rigorous testing to every product and service to ensure that they surpass existing benchmarks.

Our promise is to serve you with integrity within the wireless environment!

AlarmMaster has teamed up with to bring the most sophisticated and cost effective home and business security and automation solutions to South Africa. is dedicated to the pursuit of convenience and control for home and business security systems using wireless, web and mobile technology. It is the industry leader in web-enabled security solutions in the USA, keeping 24-hour watch in hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, using its technology to monitor and protect houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, stores and more.

AlarmMaster brings you state-of-the-art solutions supported by one of the world's leading providers of security technology.

Alarm and alert management

Alarm & Alert Management

AlarmMaster uses a proven telematics platform which provides powerful alert management capabilities. This enables us to monitor, process and track every device within our system so that in the event of a programmed or “unexpected” event, the relevant alert or alarm is issued and the appropriate response is released.

Fault detection

Fault Detection

With personal security and the protection of property and assets at a premium, it is essential that all security devices remain in 100% working order at all times. AlarmMaster’s sophisticated systems monitor and detect any faults or inconsistencies in the devices linked to our network, providing up-to-the-minute fault detection and notification for continuous cover.

Diagnostics and energy analysis

Diagnostics & energy analysis

AlarmMaster uses diagnostic protocols to enable the generation of versatile and information-rich reports, providing our clients with relevant information on the status of their systems and a detailed analysis on the energy consumption and deployment of their assets.