Protect what matters to you most

Simple, secure and convenient, AlarmMaster’s products and services give you a "one-stop" solution for all your security needs.


Mobile management and monitoring

Anytime, anywhere access from your PC, smartphone or tablet means that you stay connected to your home or business even when you’re away.


Keep your eyes on your home security

Keep your finger on the pulse. By accessing your AlarmMaster system, you can see exactly what is happening in your home or business at any time.


Automate your life

Surprisingly affordable home automation is here! Programme your own preferences, add-on appliances and devices and much more.


Flexibility and Convenience

We use the internet to make our lives easier and to interact with what is important to us. AlarmMaster uses the same flexibility and control to your security system, enabling you to monitor and manage your home and business even when you are on the go!


Securing your home, your business and your peace of mind

Peace of mind is priceless, especially when your family and your most important assets are involved. For a surprisingly affordable price, AlarmMaster empowers you to monitor and programme every aspect of your security system remotely. So no matter where you are, you keep your finger on the pulse of what matters to you most.

How it works

AlarmMaster gives you anytime, anywhere control over your home or office security system.

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